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From a few-straight HTML pages through to a full-scale interactive application, Falling Rocks can host your site on our servers. We offer HTML, ASP.Net and PHP.

[hosting packages]

Package E-Mail Only Basic Site Power Site
Description Domain hosting for the purposes of e-mail, but no web site service provided. For non-script driven HTML web sites For ASP and ASP.NET web sites
Includes Domain Hosting 1 domain 1 domain 1 domain
Mail Forwards Fallback + 10 explicit redirections Fallback + 10 explicit redirections Fallback + 10 explicit redirections
Included Disk Space N/A 30MB 50MB
Extra space charges N/A $2.50/month per additional 100MB or part thereof $2.50/month per additional 100MB or part thereof
Scripting Engine N/A N/A ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, PHP
ODBC Data Connections N/A N/A 2
Setup Price $20 $50 $80
Monthly Rate $5/month $10/month $20/month


In addition to the Base Package, you can include the following add-ons. A "Y" indicates that the given add-on is available with the specified Basic Package.

Available With E-Mail Only Basic Site Power Site Setup Monthly Rate
Domain Name Registration Y Y Y See below
Mailboxes Y Y Y $10 $10
Extra Domain Hosting   Y Y $10 $5
SSL     Y $20 $5
SQL Server     Y $20 $5

[Domain Name Registration]

If you would like Falling Rocks to handle your domain name registration, we are happy to do so.

Current prices are:

Suffix of Domain Name 1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 4 yr
.com $22 $44 $66 $88
.net, .org $27 $54 $81 $108
.com.au $17 $34 $51 $68
.net.au $17 $34 $51 $68
.org.au, .id.au $17 $34 $51 $68


Up to 15 mailboxes and unlimited forwards. 50MB maximum storage space per mailbox.

[extra domain hosting]

The website packages allow for a single domain to be  pointed  at your website. You can point additional domains at your site by purchasing an  Extra Domain Hosting  for each of them.


This includes a single SSL Certificate purchased and installed for a single domain. This allows you to interact securely with your web users, which is a requirement for taking sensitive information such as payment details.

[sql server]

A single SQL Server 2008 database is set up on the server for you.

The size of your database is included in calculations for Extra Space Charges. However, 50MB is added to your Included Disk Space for each SQL Server module you have purchased.

[other details]

[minimum contract]

There is no minimum contract for any of our plans. However the setup cost is non-refundable.

[payment cycles]

Customers are invoiced quarterly in advance for their service.

All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

For approved clients only, and subject to availability.

Please make sure you read our Terms of Service.

Interested? Download the Application Form in PDF

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